Bambica Modular Shelving System


Let’s face it, modular shelving systems are not pretty. Usually they look cheap, and if they don’t, it often means there’s a hefty price tag attached. Now, this system from Bambica has a little bit of an Erector Set feel thanks to the rods held together with plastic pegs, yet the bamboo saves it from looking too college dorm room-ish*. There’s fifty bamboo pieces in all, and you can combine sets to expand the system.

Made by Bambica.
Size: Each rod: 1h x 17l x .75″d. Set as shown: 3h x 6l x 1′d
Materials: Bamboo, Polyamide Plastic
Designer: Andrew Gancikov and John Fitzpatrick

*Unless you choose to stock microwave popcorn and plastic cups on it, in which case do not be surprised if your guests expect beer pong as the evening’s entertainment.


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