Babel Modular Shelving System


Every once in a while I’ll have to plug in the name of a piece into BLTD’s search bar to see if we’ve posted it before, which is no surprise, really, considering there’s over 8,000 posts and my memory refuses to remember them all. Such was the case with this Babel Shelving System. It’s modular, so you can place the block modules in the layout you desire, as long as you maintain a staggered design to keep it structurally sound. I smell a DIY opportunity for someone crafty with a table saw and a whole lot of patience (and math skills). However, if you avoid DIY projects like the plague, luckily the pricing isn’t so prohibitive that you can’t save up for it (eventually).

Frame and modules in birch plywood with untreated sides, shelves finished on both sides with a matte, durable plastic layer in white or charcoal gray.

Base module (A): 59.1″w 11.8″d 24.4″h
Additional modules: 59.1″d 11.8″d 12.2″h
Max height of 72.8″
Thickness of 33mm.

Birch multiplex frame with white or anthracite laminate shelves

Babel 60, 23.6″h: $1,588.00
Babel 90, 35.4″h: $2,275.00
Babel 120, 47.2″h: $2,938.00
Babel 150, 59.1″h: $3,600.00
Babel 180, 70.9″h: $4,263.00

Babel Modular Shelving System

Babel Modular Shelving System

Available from Suite New York, 1,588.00 - 4,263.00.

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