Atlas Coffee Table vs. Free Range


And here we have another face-off, and this time it’s in the realm of wood and marble coffee tables. Yes, they’re not exactly the same, but there are the similarities in materials and dimensions, so why not see if you can guess which one has the $1800 price tag and which one has the $600 tag?

Atlas Coffee Table
Atlas Coffee Table
Materials: Solid walnut base; solid marble or travertine tabletop.
Dimensions: H 15.5″ Diameter 37″

Free Range Coffee Table
Free Range Coffee Table
Materials: Solid walnut legs; solid marble top; powdercoated steel and brass hardware.
Dimensions: H 14.5″ Diameter 36″

So, which one costs three times the other?

Perhaps those of you that know a little about furniture making had no trouble guessing which one was which? The Atlas Coffee Table will set you back $1,865.00, while the Free Range Coffee Table is a bit friendlier at $599.00. Did you guess correctly? Yea or nay? Give yourself a pat on the back, either way.


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