Woodrow Bed

Nice. The slight angles and simple treatment of both head and footboards make this bed a good choice for a modern bedroom- especially if you’re not a fan of upholstered frames. Made from a combination of solid walnut and walnut veneer, with wood slats. Available in four sizes (king, queen, full and twin).

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Pushpin Cork Stool

As the besocked gentleman demonstrates, this Pushpin Cork Stool functions well as a seating option or as a suitable surface for books and refreshments. As we all know, cork is sustainable (when harvested correctly), and well known for its impermeability, buoyancy, elasticity, and fire resistance. Taiwanese based company Cooima (means “can do” in Chinese) produces the Pushpin Cork Stool.


Purchase Information:

Price: $299.00
Available from: Gessato

Acapulco Chair

Hmm, what do we have here? If you have an extraordinary memory, you might just remember a tiny note I made regarding the price of an Acapulco-ish Egg Chair back in 2009. Often these chairs are priced around the $400 – $500 mark, which didn’t make much sense to me as I’ve seen them on porches of very humble abodes in Mexico and Costa Rica. Enter in MoMA Store, who now carries the Acapulco Chair for a mere $195. Hmm. The investigation continues below.

Purchase Information:

Price: $195.00
Available from: MoMA Store

Wool Pouf by Ferm Living

This octahedral* pouf would add a little geometry to a space while providing a very comfortable place to rest one’s weary feet. Never underestimate a good pouf or an ottoman, by the way, as they make a big difference in relaxation (as witnessed by multitudes who involuntarily emit a sigh of relief once placing their lower limbs on their own said pouf/ottoman). Back to the octahedron: this one is made by Ferm Living and is stable enough to sit on, if you should so choose.

Purchase Information:

Price: $660.00
Available from: YLiving

Geo Stool

There’s nothing like a big hunk of zinc to make you plunk down 800 bucks, especially when there’s hexagons pentagons involved. That’s probably an untrue statement, as you most likely wouldn’t plunk down 800 bucks for much of anything, let alone a zinc stool, but the hexagons pentagons do make one a bit dizzy with design lust, as they would fit well in many a modern interior.

-19″ x 19″

(Thanks Todd for spotting the hexagon error.)

Purchase Information:

Price: $795.00
Available from: Jayson Home

Shingles Pantry

You remember the Envelope Chest from Field Day, right? Well, this is another piece of theirs, and it’s equally fetching. Covered in “fancy-cut” Western Red Cedar shingles, the piece will add texture and depth to a room while providing four shelves of storage space. The Shingles Pantry is handmade using traditional joinery.


Purchase Information:

Price: $2400.00
Available from: Field Day

cantilever shelf

This staggered shelf by Seth Ellsworth gives you a snazzy book or shoe storage option for right around the $300 mark. There are nine replaceable shelves- not adjustable, mind you- made from solid wood and attached directly to the wall for a floating, clean-lined look. Available in oak, dark stained oak (+$50), or walnut (+$100). Custom configurations are available as well.


Purchase Information:

Price: $300.00
Available from: [lhooq] design

Standard Chair

Is this an affordable alternative to Prouvé’s Standard Chair ($935) or what? Answer: Yes, indeed it is. To be clear, in theory, knock-offs or “reproductions” aren’t the best choice if you can afford the original designs, but if an original is way out of your price range, then it’s certainly forgivable. In this case, $325 is way easier on the wallet than $935, especially if you consider ordering multiples ($325 x 4 = $1,300; $935 x 4 = $3,740).

Purchase Information:

Price: $325.00
Available from: Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.

Offcut Bench

Flat-packed and assembled with wooden pegs (no screws or glue necessary), this bench sounds like it has a humble background, but rest assured you can impress your friends with a designer name when they come a-calling. Be sure to tell them that what would normally end up in the rubbish heap (curved and irregular pieces of discarded wood called wayney edges) is made new with the creative mind of Tom Dixon. Available in either natural ($300) or fluoro ($550). And, yes, there is an Offcut Stool ($235) as well.

Purchase Information:

Price: $300.00 - 550.00
Available from: abc home

Facecord Cabinet

Burglars in a huge hurry will probably pass this fully functional cabinet right on by, if you’re lucky. If you’re not lucky, they’ll be smart and guess that the legs and the possible lack of fireplace mean that this stack of firewood is actually a cabinet, and then they’ll plunder the heck out of it. (Note: if you’re handy, you have little choice but to do a DIY version of this, and then be smug that you saved a bunch of money.)

Purchase Information:

Price: $5,800.00
Available from: The Future Perfect

Source: Incredible Things

Signal Shelves

These Signal shelves by Brendan Ravenhill and Chris Adamick are pretty interesting. The steel brackets can be positioned anywhere, much like any ordinary shelf brackets, and set off the wood shelves in a bold and graphic way. The shelves are sold in sets of six brackets, two uprights, and either 8″ or 10″ wide shelves.


Purchase Information:

Price: $700.00
Available from: Brendan Ravenhill

Moorish Mosaic Table

Remember the Lagarta Stool? This table is from the same designer, Ana Mestre, and utilizes the same natural agglomerate cork, except this time the cork is printed with an intricate Moorish pattern inspired from the historical tiles of the city Beja.

Dania Folding Beach Chair

Warmer weather means park visits and beach trips, both of which are all the better with comfortable seating. If you’re looking for something that’ll last more than one or two seasons, set your eyes upon this Dania Folding Beach Chair. It’s a classic choice, made of solid teak with “unprecedented craftsmanship.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $271.00
Available from: shopHORNE.com

Outdoor Eames® Aluminum Group Lounge Chair

How do you feel about Eames furniture outdoors? While it seems like an odd idea, it turns out that the Aluminum Group was promoted as the “leisure group” or “indoor-outdoor group” in the late 1950s, but then was changed to be exclusively indoors. Now Herman Miller has restored the collection to its original intent, with powder-coated frames and outdoor friendly fabrics to withstand the weather.

Purchase Information:

Price: $2,147.00

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Available from: DWR

SCRW Stool by Manuel Welsky

I’m easily charmed by industrial style stools with big chunky exposed screw threads, but what happens when the entire stool is a screw thread? The SCRW Stool consists of a solid cork stool mating with a steel base that height adjusts by simply turning it. SCRW Stool is handmade in Germany with about a month lead time, get in touch with Manuel for more ordering information.