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If you’ve ever been to a party (or supermarket) where there was a wine carrier bag thing, chances are it was horrible. I’ve seen some that have been tasseled, glue gunned and glittered; others with really disturbing miscellaneous adornment attached to a otherwise simple bag. No harm done if you think those kinds of things are acceptable, but I encourage you to consider this particular one for its nice simple design and overall pleasing color. It will protect bottles just as nicely and you run less of a risk of offending someone.

“The latest in a series from JoshJakus, this wine carrier is a single piece of wool felt with an optimally-placed hole, stitched at the top and sides. Once a bottle of wine is inserted, the hole becomes the bag’s handle.”

100% industrial wool felt, nylon stitching. (Industrial felt is made from approximately 85% factory excess wool and 15% mixed fibers.)

16.25″ long x 6.5″ wide, when flat


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