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O Corkscrew

O Corkscrew

Simplicity at its best, designer Athanasios Babalis reimagined the corkscrew to sidestep all the extraneous design elements in favor of pure function and form. The O Corkscrew requires only a twist and pull. The bronze and stainless steel will look right at home next to all your fancy bottles of wine and holiday fare, so feel free to leave it out to make imbibing that much easier, and possibly more delightful.

Designer: Athanasios Babalis / Shibui
Maker: Shibui
Material: Bronze, stainless steel
Dimensions: 5 ร— 10.5 ร— H1 cm | 2 ร— 4.2 ร— H0.4 in.
Origin: Switzerland

O Corkscrew from Shibui

O Corkscrew

From our archives; originally posted Dec 16, 2016.

Available from Ode to Things, $65.00.

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