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WAKA WAKA’s Shaped Bookends

WAKA WAKA’s Shaped Bookends

Fun bookends? Yes, please. WAKA WAKA’s Shin Okuda turns ordinary plywood into these colorful bookends. They’re sold in sets of two, in mismatched colors, mind you, so tell your books to stand up straight for their semi-crazy and exciting new friends. You DIYers might feel an itch to replicate these with your own shapes and colors, and, if so, go for it, as you’ll only need some plywood, glue, paint, and some sort of metal bookend to sandwich between the wood (right?).

WAKA WAKA Shaped Bookends
Choose from triangle, scallop, rectangle, and L-shaped.

Materials: Plywood, steel
Measurements: Each bookend is approximately 8”³ x 8”³ x 5”³

Also available from IKO IKO, $165.00.

From our archives; originally posted May 14, 2013.

Available from Sight Unseen, $160.00.

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