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Virtue Blanket

Virtue Blanket

As some of you might be aware, wedding season is fast approaching. If you’re looking for a gift for upcoming nuptials, you should (of course) get them something off their registry. However, if the couple has thumbed their noses at the tradition of registering (or if you’re a stickler for putting thought and effort into every gift), then maybe something like this would be a perfect thing to wish them well.

“The Virtue blanket (155 cm x 210 cm) is finely knitted using high quality, undyed Icelandic wool. It warms us, at the same time reminding us to be virtuous. The pattern is derived from the decorations on the virtue cloths reworked in a contemporary style, but with the historical background of the virtue cloths in mind. It is a symmetrical, abstract form that each individual can interpret in his or her own way.”
by Mary (Olof Maria Olafsdottir)

Size: 155 cm x 210 cm
Colors: grey, brown and black

$208.00, Buy it here.

Available from Birkiland, 208.00.

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