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Mega and Mini Dot Quilt

Mega and Mini Dot Quilt

Aside from not having more US distributers, Hay can do no wrong in my book. These reversible Mega Dot Quilts hit the target for lighter summer bedding. I recently purchased another one for my home, as it’s the perfect weight for summer nights, and was delighted to find the price has decreased quite a bit from a couple of years ago. That certainly doesn’t happen often. If you’d rather have a smaller size as a throw for the cooler evenings or for a smaller children’s bed, there’s the Baby Dot Quilt for $99.00.

Material: Cotton, poly fill

Mega Dot Quilt
Mega Dot Quilt, $325.00 $165.00
Size: 92.5″ w x 96.5″ l

Mini Dot Quilt
Mini Dot Quilt, $186.00 $99.00
Size: 49″ w x 69″ h

(note: an American queen mattress is 60โ€ยx80)

Updated; originally posted Jun 5, 2014.

Available from A+R Store, $99.00 - 165.00.

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