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Vers 1.5r Sound System

Vers 1.5r Sound System

This looks to have a compact footprint and great style, so you have little excuse for settling on less-than-par sound for your iPod.

By popular demand, we’ve created the ideal compact AM/FM sound system for iPod with the full, rich sound you’ve come to expect from Vers. The 1.5R is a true ‘hybrid’: great as a bedside alarm, even better in the kitchen, den or office… anywhere great sound belongs.

Vers 1.5R is available in Cherry, Natural Walnut, Dark Walnut, Bamboo, Black Gloss and White Gloss finishes. Finished by hand, each Vers system takes over a week to build and each one is unique. It sounds as good as it looks; there’s simply no substitute for the rigid, 9 mm thick walls of a Vers cabinet for accurate sound reproduction.

$199.00-$219.99, Buy it here.


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