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TDK Boomboxes

TDK Boomboxes

Bringing up the name TDK to music lovers who didn’t grow up with an iPod is  sure to warm their hearts in some way. I’m still a bit young myself, but I certainly have great memories of dubbing  songs off the radio and creating mixtapes with handwritten liner notes. TDK is a storage media company, but has recently branched into the home audio market with these fantastic boombox-inspired stereos.

The design takes the portability and retro looks of the boombox and carries it into this generation with modern conveniences such as touch-sensitive buttons, digital data streaming directly from your iPod, and flash drive and hard drive playback through USB. The 3 Speaker Boombox includes a 6 inch subwoofer, while the less bass-centric 2 Speaker Boombox drops it for a sleek carrying leather strap.

The Sound Cube takes a different approach and features multi-directional speakers for a complete room-filling party sound. At the time of writing, I’ve only seen the Sound Cube available for sale at $299.

Every source I’ve seen states  the 2 Speaker Boombox will sell for $399 and the 3 Speaker Boombox for $499, with a release date of uhh, February. I’m assuming they missed their deadline. Regardless I’m super excited to see and hear these in person when they are finally released. I’ll be staying tuned in to TDK’s website for any updates in the meantime.


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