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TranSglass Mirrors

TranSglass Mirrors

Goodness gracious, these mirrors are pretty impressive (and maybe the dog’s head one is a little scary). While they might be pricey, they’d sure make a statement in whatever room you them in.

designed by tord boontje and emma woffenden for artecnica, the tranSglass mirrors series are part of artecnica’s design with conscience series. inspired by guatemalan tribal masks, the mirrors are manufactured to order in guatemala and therefore have an extended delivery time. the mirrors have an MDF backing. shipping charges will apply.

dog’s head mosaic: 10.2″ x 10.2″; mirror: 16.0″ x 30.6″ x 7/8″, $2,200.00

star mosaic: 19″ x 19.7″; mirror: 37.6″ x 43.3″ x .88″, $3,400.00
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