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The Made Collection

The Made Collection

Here’s another chance to back a project on Kickstarter, and this time you’ll end up with some lovely wood home accessories. The V-Tray and Bowl are shown above, and the S&P Shakers, SQ Trivet, and Paddle Coathooks (shown below) are equally impressive for their simplicity and craftsmanship. By pre-ordering pieces of this collection you’re backing the current and future work of David Okum, and, if these pieces are anything to go by, that’s a sound investment.

Each piece is created by hand in-house.

Pledge $60 or more and receive the V Tray & Bowl.

OKUM MADE studio is a strong believer in products being designed with respect and understanding the integrity of the materials and its great capabilities. This in turn allows us to provide everyday necessities that are both unexpected and honest.”

Pledge $35 or more and receive the Pinocchio S&P Shakers.

Pledge $35 or more and receive the SQ Trivet.

Pledge $45 or more and receive the Paddle Coathooks, set of 3.

See Kickstarter for more info.

Available from Kickstarter, 35.00 +.

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