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Iso Organizer L

Iso Organizer L

Well, hello there. The Iso Organizer comes in a larger, longer profile, which is pretty perfect for organizing all sorts of papers, mail, and books. It’s made of heavy gauge cold rolled steel (6 lbs.) with a cork underside, so it’ll stay put without scratching the surface underneath. I have the original size (in blue) on my desk and I’m now trying to think if I need this larger version somewhere else. Hmm.

Designer: Jonah Takagi

Available in Black and PC Gray.

L 22.5″ D 4.75″ H 4″
L 57cm D 12cm H 10cm

Weight: 5 lbs 10 oz / 2.5 kg

Material: Heavy gauge cold rolled steel; Compressed cork underside
Finish: Powder Coat

Iso Organizer L

Iso Organizer L

Updated price and link; originally posted Oct 4, 2016.

Available from Field, $70.00.

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