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Strap Mirror from Hay

Strap Mirror from Hay

Well, hello, hello. This is like a Captain’s mirror from the future. With a silicone strap and powder coated steel, it’s got the modern materials to banish any antique store stuffiness. And, hey, the price isn’t too shabby either, especially considering some Captain’s mirrors go for around the $2 G mark (like BDDW’s that starts at $1600).

Also, if you like the more traditional Captain’s mirrors, I did some searching and found a couple of leather ones within the $400-600 price range:

16″ dia: $375 at Empiric Studio
26″ dia: $625 at Empiric Studio
17″ dia: $375 at Maison Luxe (via Remodelista)

Or, check out this DIY video from House and Home showing how you could make your own with an Ikea mirror and a few belts: DIY Captain’s Mirror.

Manufacturer: Hay
Material: Powder coated steel, silicone

Strap Mirror from Hay

Small Strap Mirror, dia. 50 cm (19.6″), $160.00
Large Strap Mirror, dia. 70 cm. (27.5″), $200.00

Available from Finnish Design Shop, 160.00 - 200.00.

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