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Stitched Star Chart

Stitched Star Chart

What’s the best gift, a plane ticket to the Caribbean or a hand-stitched Star Chart showing the overhead sky for any date, time, and location? As if you even need to think twice about that answer. Possible jet lag. Sunburn. Getting your wallet stolen, plus the crappy hotel that looked nice on their website. Yeah, that all sounds like a barrel of laughs, doesn’t it? I’m being sarcastic, of course. The Star Chart will last decades, and shows the recipient that you remembered their birthday, anniversary, their first child, etc. You’ll win big points, trust me.

When ordering, please indicate your custom date, time, and location.

Please note: Star charts are custom made and take 3-4 weeks to complete once order is placed.

Stitched Star Chart

Updated price and link; originally from our archives (posted Nov 15, 2013).

Available from The Made Shop, $450.00.

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