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Stipee Bookmarks

Stipee Bookmarks

How much do you like these bookmark sets? I might love them, I really might. Each bookmark has a re-usable glue like a sticky label, so they’ll last for a few months. When I was looking around for images to use for this post I found a whole bunch of other Stipee Bookmarks around $8.00 from Japanese Gift Market. My favorites are the Savanna and Forest, mostly because I like the landscapes, but there’s more than a handful of other ones to choose from (Numbers (color) could be fun to use too).

A packet comes with 5 sheets inside.

Savanna Bookmarks, $8.95 from Spoon Sisters.
Forest Bookmarks, $7.00 from Japanese Gift Market.

Stipee Bookmarks
Numbers (color), $8.00

Available from Spoon Sisters, 8.95.

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