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Reflect Mirror

Reflect Mirror

Just think of how many corners and spaces this little guy could go. Mirrors are always an excellent way to reflect light around a space, making it seem bigger and brighter. Imagine the fun of putting several of these in a dark hallway or corner and seeing the light bounce around in unexpected ways.

The reflect mirror with its 90 degree angle can be used as a tray to place your keys, sun glasses, jewelries, coins etc so that you won’t forget to take them with you after checking yourself out in the mirror. For men, the angeled portion of the mirror allows you to see below your chin when shaving, which can come in handy as well. Also, with a total of 8 holes on the rear of each mirror, reflect mirror can be placed almost anywhere on the wall, including corners.

W9.6″ x L4.9″ x H12.0″
Available in black, white and gold.
Note: Estimated arrival time is end of November, but you can pre-order now.


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