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Penguin Mini Notebooks

Penguin Mini Notebooks

Sadly, the Penguin merchandise seems to be heading in the same direction of Pantone: oversaturation. However, if you can get beyond the fact that there’s way too many products to choose from, there’s quite a few gems. Many items would be excellent gifts, of course, separately or grouped together. There also looks to be Penguin deckchairs and tea towels, though no retailer seems to have any in stock (shoot).

Shown above: Penguin Set of 4 Mini Notebooks, $10.68

Penguin Travel Pouch kerouac
Penguin Travel Pouch, $19.90

Penguin Mugs
Penguin Mugs, $11.46 each

Penguin Pencils
Penguin Pencils, $7.62

Penguin Journal
Penguin Journal, $10.68

Available at Bloomsbury Store and Art Meets Matter. If there are other retailers that carry Penguin stuff, let me know and I’ll add them in.

Available from Bloomsbury Store, 10.68 and up.

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