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Painted Plains Rug Collection by AVO

Painted Plains Rug Collection by AVO

If you’re a vegan or you’re opposed to leather in any way, shape or form, just admire the graphic patterns on these ‘rugs’ and skip on over to the next post. Okay, for the rest of us, let’s soak in the fact that these patterns are hand painted on leather hides. Hand painted. DIY-ers will have their thinking gears crunching, and everyone else will have to start saving their Benjamins, for the Painted Plains Collection by Avo does not come cheap. Hang one on the wall to admire or put one on the floor to (gingerly) walk on, either way your room won’t ever be described as boring.

Each piece is made from durable full grain veg-tanned leather and hand-painted in AVO’s Brooklyn studio.

Designer: Brit Kleinman / AVO
Raw Whole Hide

Approximately 7′ x 6′

Painted Plains Rug Collection by AVO Half Hide
“Painted Plains” Umber Black Rug, Half Hide: $3,250.00

AVO Studio

“Painted Plains” Indigo Resist Geometric Rug, $6,500.00

Available from TRNK, $3,250.00 - 6,500. 00 .

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