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Orchard Ladder

Orchard Ladder

Oh, why do things torture me so? This is an example of an item that in no way I have to have or even slightly need, but I want sort of badly. I actually saw these in New York at the store and had to suppress the urge to caress them. It’s that balance of beauty and craftsmanship, together making an item where, sure, it could be useful, but I certainly wouldn’t want to cover it with towels or clothes*. I would simply admire. And, yes, it’s an awful lot of money for a ladder that you wouldn’t actually use as a ladder, but that’s really not the point (or maybe it’s exactly the point).

19th-century orchard ladders are the inspiration for this series of decorative accents. Turned, hard maple components fit snugly together. Orchard ladders can accommodate throws, towels, clothes, or simply stand alone. Available in three sizes.

Designer: Paul Loebach
Materials: Hard maple
Dimensions: L 18″ x W 1.5″ x H 78″

$1,200.00, Buy it here.

*at least not at first


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