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Hoop Umbrella Stand

Hoop Umbrella Stand

When it’s raining out, you’ll need a spot to rest your wet umbrella. Sure, you could lean it up against a wall to let it drip down on the floor, possibly creating a safety hazard where someone could slip and fall, hurting their pride and also possibly breaking a few bones, or you could do the sensible thing and get an umbrella stand. The Hoop has a heavy and compact cast-iron base with a slender oval wire rim suspended above; it’s both minimal and functional. The pink color is my favorite, but if you want to stick to the tried and true black option no one will fault you.

Designed by Mika Tolvanen

Dimensions: H 15.75″ W 10″ D 4.25″
Materials: Powder-coated cast iron and steel.

Made in China.

Hoop Umbrella Stand

Available from DWR, $149.00.

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