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Megan Herbert Wrapping Papers

Megan Herbert Wrapping Papers

Looking for something different this year to wrap your special gifts in? Well, look no further than Megan Herbert’s wrapping paper designs. My favorites are the two shown above (Snowflakes and Circulation), but the Skeletal and Respiration ones are equally intriguing and appropriate year round.

Each design represents elements we all as human beings share – the blood coursing through our veins (‘Circulation’), the bones helping us to stand strong (‘Skeletal’), the food that nourishes us (‘Digestion’), the air filling our lungs (‘Respiration’), and the traditions that shape our history (‘Snowflakes’). This limited edition collection is designed and printed in Iceland on reclaimed deadstock.

Two size options: Standard – 50 x 70 cm and Large – 70 x 100 cm
€12.00 – €15.00 for 3 to 4 sheets


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