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Luna Rug

Luna Rug

This rug needs Also sprach Zarathustra, Op.30 to accompany each new viewing. It’s a moon rug, so therefore I’m obligated to wax poetic nonsense regardless of whether you or I can afford it (if I could afford it, I would pretend I was an astronaut every single day). Interestingly enough, it’s actually a re-edition from the ’80s that comes from Oscar Tusquets’ La Tierra and La Luna rugs. Photographic techniques have improved since then, obviously, allowing the moon in its waxing phase to have more definition as well as having browns and beiges to give a warmer appearance.

4.9′ Diameter
Design by Oscar Tusquets Blanca, 2010.
By nanimarquina.

Available from YLiving, 2,580.00.


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