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Leuchtturm Peka Springback Binder

Leuchtturm Peka Springback Binder

If you care about presentation, or just simply the way papers or collections are kept, you’ll probably nerd out a little with me about this binder. Originating around 1917 from the KABE Verlag (KABE publication) company, the Springback binder was intended to instantly bind documents into a book, singly or in batches. A hidden binding can be opened and closed to rearrange or add contents, making it functional as a regular binder yet more secure as with a book cover. Keep in mind that the spine of the binder is rather large to accommodate the function, but I’d say that’s a small price to pay for such a finished look.

Leuchtturm Peka Springback Binder

Available from:
Lighthouse (Leuchtturm) starting at 10,95 โ‚ฌ for a DIN A4 format and going up to 135,60 โ‚ฌ for a pack of 8 A4 binders with canvas covers in 8 assorted colours.

Kikkerland, $23.00

Amazon, $19.95.

Available from Kikkerland Design, 23.00.

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