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Last Newspaper Rug

Last Newspaper Rug

Nice. Old newspapers are cotton-wrapped to form this textured rug from Blu Dot. I haven’t seen these in person, but it looks like the closer you are to the rug the more you see the newspaper… a nice detail in a room, I think. The price is pretty affordable for the size too. Available in three sizes (4’x6′, 6’x9′, and 9’x9′) and three colors (grey, purple and slate).

Specs: (inches)
4’x6′: 48w x 72l, $149.00
6’x9′: 72w x 108l, $329.00
9’x9′: 108w x 108l, $499.00

Also available directly from Blu Dot.

Available from 2modern, 149.00 - 499.00.

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