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Kaico Enamel Milk Pan

Kaico Enamel Milk Pan

Who in the world needs a specialized milk pan? Pfft, not me, that’s for sure, especially after trying to heat up milk for a matcha latte yesterday. Yes, I said matcha latte, and yes, I’m aware that it’s a very easy recipe, but I somehow made a mess of things, and now I’m thinking that my counters would not have been splattered with green milky tea if the pan I used was smaller and had had a useful spout. If heating up milk is anywhere in your daily/weekly/monthly/seasonal life, this pan would be a treat to have on hand. The Kaico series has an enamel coating over steel which makes each piece durable and thermal-efficient. Also available in the series is the Kaico Coffee Pot $130, Kaico Kettle $140, and the Kaico Pasta Pan $190.

Not for dishwasher or microwave. Hand wash only. Made In Japan.

Designer: Makoto Koizumi
Made in Japan.

-Spouted for ease of pouring.
-Wooden handle.

Available from MILL Mercantile, $72.00.

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