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Verbarius Electronic Clock

Verbarius Electronic Clock

It’s your birthday! Well, it probably isn’t, but if you were one of the many (all 3 of you) that emailed in after we posted this clock forever ago, wondering where you might be able to purchase it stateside, you can now pretend it is your birthday, because MoMA Store has the Verbarius in stock. Keep your pants on, it only took five years. If you’re not familiar, the Verbarius replaces numbers with words using one of five preloaded languages: English, German, Spanish, French, and Russian. Extra points to you if you decide to freshen up your foreign language skills by switching it up every now and then.

Designer: Artemy Lebedev
Easily set time and toggle between languages.
2.95H X 7.95W X 1.55″D

Available from MoMA Store, 250.00.

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