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GLOW Amp One

GLOW Amp One

I admit I know next to nothing about audio/stereo equipment. Other than the fact that the sound system I have sounds a whole lot better than just the built-in speakers that come with the TV or computer, if you asked me any other questions I’d be blank. But I do know a few proper audiophiles, and they think highly of tube amps. I’d be curious to see how it sounds compared to what the rest of us have…it certainly looks pretty nice.

About the size of a shoe box, the versatile and simple to use GLOW Amp One is a classic stereo tube amplifier – with a twist – every GLOW amplifier comes equipped with a USB input so you can use your computer, iPod, cd player or even television as a HI FI music source. Just add speakers, the results are amazing.

Not only does it provide the smooth, silky and detailed sound that tube amps are famous for, it looks stunning. The GLOW Amp One is one stereo that is artful enough in design to display as part of your living environment. Forget those ugly “black box” stereo components. The GLOW Amp One simply sparkles… nothing catches attention more than the subtle glow of those little tubes!

The GLOW Amp One is hand crafted and built to last, but costs a fraction of what you would expect to pay for designer audio gear. Comes in your choice of eye popping colors and for a limited time GLOW is offering a free iPod docking station with every purchase.

11.5″ (L) x 5.5″ (W) x 6″ (H).

$648.00, Buy it here.


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