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Eero Aarnio Citrus Squeezer

Eero Aarnio Citrus Squeezer

Did you know Eero Aarnio designed this citrus squeezer? Do you care? You should, because you never know when a brightly colored lemon squeezer will come in handy, and you’re not the type to just buy any ol’ squeezer. Also, just for fun, let’s play a quick game. Which of these three chairs did Eero Aarnio design?

Eero Aarnio made one of these chairs

A) ch07 Lounge Chair
B) The Ball Chair
C) The Womb Chair

Answer found all the way at the bottom so you won’t cheat.

8.25″ L x 4.5″ h x 5″ w, content: 15.75 oz.

Designer: Eero Aarnio, 2013
Thermoplastic resin
Made by Alessi

Answer: B) The Ball Chair. Eero Aarnio’s Ball Chair can be purchased from Hive for just over 10 grand. That puts $47 for a citrus squeezer into perspective, doesn’t it?

Available from Hive, 47.00.

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