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EcoSmart Dimmable LED Downlight

EcoSmart Dimmable LED Downlight

Before the holiday break, my home’s recessed can lights looked like a sad sack of characters past their prime: their springs that had lost their ‘spring’ and the plastic trim had yellowed, giving the appearance that the lights were much older than their dozen years. My home is pretty modern- it’s a very open plan, loft-like townhome- and the lights just weren’t cutting it. Plus, we (my husband and I) wanted to upgrade to LEDs, so we bit the bullet and decided to purchase new lights.

To our delight, we found these EcoSmart LED lights that have an integrated trim, so we were able to switch out all of the old can light trim and get the benefit of an improved appearance as well as the increased energy efficiency. So, turn your eyes again to the picture above: on the left, the old recessed can lights (with the compact fluorescent bulbs), on the right, the newer EcoSmart LEDs. Better, isn’t it? We donated all the old light parts and bulbs, as a light is a light and some people aren’t picky. And, despite this sounding like a sponsored post, I promise you it isn’t. If it was, I wouldn’t complain about being a few hundred dollars poorer (our house had a lot of recessed lights to replace).

EcoSmart Dimmable LED Downlight

Here’s another pic showing the new light with its new friend, the Nest Protect and some other capped outlet (for built-in speakers, I think).

“The EcoSmart 6 in. 9.5-Watt (65W) LED Down light (E)* produces 625 lumens with 9.5 watts of power and can last for up to 35,000 hours. The LED bulb features Cree TrueWhite technology for efficiency and color accuracy and can be used to replace a standard 65-watt bulb. (E)* means this bulb meets Federal minimum efficiency standards.”

We bought the lights from Home Depot, $24.97 each.

Available from Home Depot, $15.97.

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