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Nimbus Dashboard

Nimbus Dashboard

Not that you need to be more connected, but this 4-dial dashboard will help you track what’s important. It’s customizable, so you get to pick what info it displays- it’ll wake you up, but maybe you also want to know the weather, how many emails you have, what the morning traffic is like, or just what day it is… the Nimbus will show you it all via each dial/barometer. It syncs in real time, so the data will be accurate. Maybe that means you’ll pick up your phone less? We can hope. Think of it as a desk top accompaniment or a bedside starting point.

Invented by Ryan Pendleton.
9.4″ L x 2.5″ W x 2.3″ H

“Keep a virtual eye on… Calendar appointments – Traffic/commute times – Weather – Email volume – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram activity – FitBit: steps taken, calories burned, sleep duration, etc. – Time (+ alarm) – Eggs in your Egg Minder – Porkfolio savings goal – …and more!”

Available from Quirky, 129.00.

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