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Mozia Wall Clocks

Mozia Wall Clocks

These clocks from Diamantini and Domeniconi are made from large, thin aluminium sheets in bold colors. They’re spectacular in a group (as shown above and below), and would create a great focal point for a large wall that needs some oomph. All that said, the different prices from various retailers have my head spinning. I’ve included a few links (below pics) that you might want to reference before purchasing.

Mozia Wall Clock orange

Mozia Wall Clocks side view

Pricing below…

from Fitzsu:
Pink Wall Clock, 10.25″ dia., $230.00
White or Yellow Wall Clock, 10.25″, $180.00

Small Mozia Clock, 26cm dia., £88.89
Medium Mozia Clock, 40cm dia., £152.23
Large Mozia Clock, 65cm dia., £215.58

Blue Clock, 40cm dia. (15.7″ dia.), £99.00

Blue Clock, 26 cm diameter (10.2″ dia.), € 91,00

from (thanks Jeff!)
Medium Clock (many colors), 15.6 Inches, $180.00

(If you know of better pricing, please let me know.)

Available from Fitzsu, 230.00.

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