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Hookless Hanger

Hookless Hanger

Okay, so be prepared for a little bit of an infommercial when visiting the site of, (there’s a video with sound that starts automatically, fyi)… now that I’ve warned you about that, these hookless hangers are actually pretty smart, as they save quite a bit of space in the closet. By eliminating the closet rod in favor of a magnetic strip system, there’s about a 20% gain in space with the added aesthetic benefit of a streamlined look. While it would cost a pretty penny to overhaul your whole closet, it could be a smart solution for a small coat closet where every inch is needed.

5 Natural Shirt Hangers start at $19.99 with a 4″-12″ Closet Strip costs $4.99.

Available from, 19.99.

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