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Christmas Tree by Buro North

Christmas Tree by Buro North

Despite the skepticism some have on this ‘green’ tree, I still think it’s worthy of a post. It’s a different take on the traditional idea of a tree, and there’s quite a few people who like that, not to mention the reusable aspect.

“Our ‘green’ tree is 80% more environmentally friendly than a traditional pine X-Mas tree. Firstly, it is made with environmentally aware ingredients, they are CNC routered (a low-energy production technique) with wast material minimised by design, the flat-packed tree is emissions-efficient to transport and the most sustainable feature of the ‘green’ tree is that you can use it for amny Christmasses to come…”

Small, $69 AUS, 400mm
Medium, $229 AUS, 930 mm
Large, $1619 SUS, 2300mm

Copy of the life cycle assessment report can be downloaded from the website.

via dezeen.

(note: Yes, everyone’s getting a tiny bit tired of the green exclamation point that seems to be slapped on all the new products, but to those of you who prescribed to the belief that as soon as something is mainstream it’s no longer cool (like when you were in high school and it was only okay to listen to bands nobody had heard of yet), that’s just silly. Yes, we do need to check out anything that claims to be green, evaluate standards and make sure it’s not just a sticker to sell more, but I think any attempt at sustainable goods should be recognized for the effort, if not for the report card at how ‘green’ it really is…after all, more competition for green goods means better green goods, and we all want that.)



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