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Charlie vs. Medina

Charlie vs. Medina

Next, we have a match-up between the charming Charlie rug and the multicolor Medina rug. One is a little more pinkish than the other, obviously, but they both have a similar look with their stacked block pattern. Can you guess which one is over $2 grand and which one is just under $500?


Charlie Rug from Blu Dot
-Made of hand-woven cotton & wool blend dhurrie


Medina Rug by Nani Marquina
-Handcrafted with hand-spun Afghan wool
-67.2 x 94.8 inches (5.6′ x 7.9′)

What do you think? Also, if you’re fond of the slightly bolder character of the Medina, take note that you can order it in a black/ivory/red color scheme.

Okay, time for the answer:

With a price tag of $2,279, the Medina Rug is the more expensive of the two.
The Charlie rug has a price tag of $499.

Available from Blu Dot, 499.00 / 2,279.00.

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