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Carved Wood Trophy Heads by Roost

Carved Wood Trophy Heads by Roost

I know almost everybody has seen the carved deer head, but I didn’t know there were other friends availble…Now it’s possible to have quite a collection of animal-friendly wooden trophy heads.

“No safari is required to obtain these large-scale trophy heads. Hand-carved from blocks of laminated basswood, these stylized likenesses have a keyhole hanger in the back.”

$429, Reedbuck: W 15.25″ x D 16.25″ x H 23″
$429, Ibex: W 14.25″ x D 13.5″ x H 19″
$495, Bighorn Sheep: W 15″ x D 13.25″ x H 21″
$605, Blesbock: W 19″ x D 21″ x H 23.5″
$605, Catalina Goat: W 16.75″ x D 19.5″ x H 19.25″


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