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Brita Sweden Gunnel Rug

Brita Sweden Gunnel Rug

If you’re a sucker for patterns, you might like this rug with its zig-zaggy-ness. However, the standout quality for me it that it’s woven plastic. I have a somewhat similar rug in my kitchen and it’s been perfect, as I’ve had no worries when it comes to spillage or stains… you simply rinse it out. Sure, it’s plastic, and that sounds a bit unfriendly and cold, but I’ve been surprised at how I notice the pattern (and the interest it brings) and padding for my feet more than the material. It’s a low maintenance choice for high traffic areas, or even outdoors, if you wish. Gunnel Runner Rug shown above, Anna rug below.

Rugs contain no heavy metals or toxic softeners.
Available in Black, Red, Green and Blue

28″ x 31″ Mat: $96.00
28″ x 79″: $199.00
28″ x 98″: $246.00
28″ x 118″ runner: $298.00
59″ x 79″ area rug: $458.00

Available from nestliving.

Available from nestliving, starts at $96.00.

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