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Banshu Hamono Folding Knife

Banshu Hamono Folding Knife

You need a knife often enough to have a nice one. After all, all those boxes from your online shopping escapades don’t open themselves, do they? Plus, this one is small enough you could tuck it into your pocket or bag, just in case you find yourself walking alone at night and the shadows are just a bit too dark for your liking. A little light glinting off of a hand-made, high carbon โ€œAo-haganeโ€ย blue steel blade might just be enough to knock some sense into anyone dumb enough to mess with you*.

Material: Premium Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 3.6″W X .78″D X 0.2″H
Weight: 61g
Origin: Japan
Designer: Osami Mizuike

Banshu Hamono Folding Knife

Also available in a larger size: Folding Knife, Large, $85.00.

*A little self-defense training wouldn’t hurt, of course.

Available from Leibal, $65.00.

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