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Alyson Fox Rugs

Alyson Fox Rugs

I’ve long been a fan of the artist Alyson Fox, so this post is actually past due considering her collaboration with West Elm was in the press clippings months ago. The three rugs (still) available all have silvery, muted color palettes, which seem to fit the mood of this burgeoning year quite well. The patterns provide a subtle sort of interest, more of a quiet-yet-strong suggestion instead of a loud, bright shout. More images and info below.

100% wool.

Main image above: Alyson Fox Stencil Rug , $149.00 โ€“ $999.00

Alyson Fox Overdyed Rows Rug

Alyson Fox Overdyed Rows Rug, $149.00 โ€“ $999.00

Alyson Fox Chevron Rug

Alyson Fox Chevron Rug, $149.00 โ€“ $999.00, shown with Drum Pendant and Scoop-Back Chair.

Available from West Elm, 149.00 โ€“ 999.00.

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