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Almond Rug by DwellStudio

Almond Rug by DwellStudio

Whoa, if you’re a sucker for black and white patterns, check out these flat woven rugs from DwellStudio. The runner is a winner, for sure, with its simple almond shapes taking the full width of pattern. Flat woven rugs are often the best choice for high traffic areas as they don’t show wear as much as a higher pile rug. They’re often much easier to clean as well.

80% wool / 20% cotton.

Shown above: Almond 5′ x 8′ Rug.

Almond Runner in Ink
Almond Runner in Ink, $250.00, 2.5′ x 9′

Almond 8x10 Rug in Ink
Almond 8×10 Rug in Ink, $850.00

Almond Rug by DwellStudio

Available from Velocity Art and Design, 250.00 and up.

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