Two Tops Series by Marcel Wanders


While not new, the Two Tops Table by Marcel Wanders recently found pride of place on my list of dining table options for a young family. The ‘Two Tops’ has an option to use laptops or coloring books at each end, thanks to a hinged end section that flips up to access the space. To hide the workspace, flip down the lid and you have a clean tabletop for dinnertime, no clearing necessary. It’s a clever solution to make the dining area tidy each evening and allows a kitchen or dining room to serve several functions.

Two Tops Series by Marcel Wanders

The Two Tops is available in three different sizes (with 7 different finish options or lacquered in 4 different colors).

Designer: Marcel Wanders, 2004
Solid Oak, MDF, veneer, steel
Made in The Netherlands by Moooi

small: 29.9″ h | 70.8″ w | 35.4″ d
medium: 29.9″ h | 86.6″ w | 35.4″ d
large: 29.9″ h | 102.3″ w | 35.4″ d

Two Tops Series by Marcel Wanders

This item is no longer available from the original retailer. 9/16/15

Available from Hive, $5133.00.

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