Retro Sofa


I usually gag at the use of the word ‘retro’ because it’s usually far over used to the point of being meaningless(much like the Ebay favorite “Eames Era”). So, other than not liking the title, this sofa is a pretty good deal for how relatively nice it is.

“This is one of the most classic sofa silhouettes in the modern design arsenal. Simple, rounded rectangles form a sleek and basic look that still has plenty of style and tons of comfort. The couch frame is rectangular and low, with two stuffed seat cushions and two larger back cushions that extend above the back of the sofa. The arms are slim but sturdy and the legs have a charming flute in a dark wood tone. No garish floral prints or bulky overstuffed arms. This is truly a look that will last.”
* Wood / fabric
* 86″l, 36″d, 36″h
* Spot clean


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