Polder Sofa by Hella Jongerius


I love this sofa.
“In Holland Polder refers to the artificial land reclaimed from the sea by means of dikes and drainage canals. The corpus of the Polder Sofa is just as low-lying, just as flat, and with just as much emphasis on the horizontal. For it Hella Jongerius chose five carefully selected combinations of colours and fabric qualities, accentuating them with high-tech threads and large buttons made of natural materials.” Materials: wooden frame with belt upholstery, backrest cushions: polyurethane chips and microfibres, textured surface and seat cushion: polyurethane foam and polyester wool, armrest with sand weights, buttons made of natural materials.
Available in with left-hand armrest or right-hand armrest Available in two sizes: XL and XXL
XXL H 30.75t; x L 131 x D 39.25


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