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Joyn Bench

Joyn Bench

If you are lucky enough to have a large studio space, this is the desk for you. It has a Melamine top and a powder-coated aluminum base. You can also purchase “blotters” for dividing the space on the fly.

“Joyn is an open and flexible system that embraces the diversity of the workplace and today’s styles of working. It encourages communication between people, networking, and interaction by breaking down the physical barriers between them.”

Joyn med; 94.5″ L | 39.25″ w | 28.25″ h
Joyn large; 126″ L | 39.25″ w | 28.25″ h
Blotter (black polyurethane); 27.5″ L | 20″ w
side wall (tonus 3 fabric); 48″ L| 31.5″ w| .75″d


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