Jan Hoekstra Cookware


Given the 2003 Red Dot Design award, Jan Hoekstra’s Cookware Series is designed with some really cool features:

“Saucepan twists and locks in place so liquids can be safely poured from notches on either side. In addition to giving you the convenience of one-handed straining, the interior of this Saucepan has a convenient measuring gauge so you can see how much you’ve added or removed. The gauge is in metric, attesting to the collection’s European roots. For the cook with too little storage space (and who doesn’t?), Hoekstra’s Cookware is made to nest together for compact storage. Made with a heat-resistant coated exterior in a choice of three colors and stainless steel interior, this Saucepan is suitable for all types of heat sources, from gas to induction cook tops.”


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