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Unseen Backpack

Unseen Backpack

Do you want a special sort of backpack? This one by The Unseen Emporium transforms from black to vivid colors in response to fluctuations in air pressure. A little reptilian, no? Of course, a bit of magic is involved- or science, if you prefer the truer explanation- and will have others doing double takes as they catch your bag changing color.

Calfskin backpack has adjustable straps and two inside pockets.
Hand-Made & Hand-Treated in the UK.

Manufacturer: The Unseen Emporium
Country: United Kingdom
Material: Calfskin Leather
Dimensions: 32cm (L) x 10cm (W) x 46cm (H)

Unseen Backpack

The Unseen Emporium Collection

Available from Cooper Hewitt Shop, $1,450.00.

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