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Twill Motorcycle Jacket

Twill Motorcycle Jacket

So, while perusing Puma’s site the other day, I ran across this jacket. I’m not one to specifically sport brands, but I’m kind of impressed by the whole Nuala Collection. We all know Puma has some good shoes, of course, but for all you ladies out there wanting some casual/cool/comfortable (and lots of yoga) wear, you might find just what you’re looking for. Maybe.

Details include stand-up collar, asymmetric button closure over a center zip front, elbow patches, and front hidden pocket in seam. A thin padding is added for warmth. There’s also a “sun motif” appliquรฉ on the back, which makes me a little nervous, but looking at all the other stuff, I can only assume it’s tastefully done.

Available in Evergreen (shown), Bark, or Cinder (black).


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