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Tube Audio

Tube Audio

What can I say? It’s a speaker that connects to your device via Bluetooth, USB or auxiliary input cable. That and the fact that it’s 2 inches in diameter might make it perfect for providing high-quality audio while blending in easily amongst your other nice things. A rechargeable battery will keep music going for up to 8 hours. Oh, and if you could use a clock, pair it with its older sibling, the Tube Clock. Both are collaborations between Amsterdam-based Leff and designer Piet Hein Eek.

Tube Audio

Tube Series

Available in either brushed stainless steel or brass or copper-plated steel.

Dimensions: 3″ l x 2″ d (8x5cm)
Material: Brass- or copper-plated steel, or plain steel

-Bluetooth or AUX connection
-Maximum volume: 100dB
-Lithium-polymer battery
-8-hour battery life

Tube Audio Steel

Available from A+R Store, $189.00.

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