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Pivot Koostik Passive Amplifier

Pivot Koostik Passive Amplifier

I know, I know, a block of wood with some strange carvings won’t make much sense until you pair the title with the picture. It’s the Pivot Koostik Passive Amplifier, and it does just what it says- it passively amplifies sound on your iPhone. Two channels allow you to set your phone in either landscape or portrait mode, and you can customize the face. Might be a fun gift to give, right?

Pivot Koostik Passive Amplifier
Made from solid cherry in the USA.

-Single hemispherical sound chamber and sound channels provide a sound boost of 10-20 decibels—double or more the volume of the iPhone alone
-Pre-machined slot accepts all current versions of the iPhone (iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6 and 6 Plus)
-Works with or without case (up to 1/2” thick)
-Kit comes in two parts and includes detailed assembly instructions
-Most machining is already done – just glue on the faceplate, cut to size, sand and finish

Updated price and link; originally posted Nov 14, 2014.

Available from Koostik, $79.99.

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